Monday, June 29, 2009

The wild man in modern society

One among many (countless) subjects I write about is the wild man in modern society, especially in my series The Janus Clan. During the course of ten or rather eleven books (including ShadowWalk) we follow Ted and Liz through forty years, from the stumbling of their early life to the point when they reach the pinnacle of their growth, through inhuman hardship and full scale rebellion.

Liz and Ted are special, even among their own kin, where special is not a four letter word, but rather something to be savored and celebrated. They have the fire inside, like all human beings, but in their case it's boiling and hissing beyond description, both inside and outside. The modern society, civilization stifle emotion, stifle life itself, taming and destroying everything making life worth living. We see them resist the ruthless Machine slowly killing us all. We witness when the resistance turns into full-blown rebellion.

The two Warrens, Liz and Ted are travelers. Even though they during a few short, hectic, sort of peaceful years resided in the ancestral home in London, they spent most of their lives Journeying across the vast reality of the world… beyond… on their path to a terrifying and remarkable destiny.

The Janus Clan - ten (or rather eleven) deep and uncompromising novels about the wild man, about human beings in the modern world, the forty years of traveling, the slow burning fire, as The Phoenix is rising from the ashes.

The first book, The Defenseless is ready for printing, and will be out soon.


Raven Lynx said...

I look forward to reading The Defenseless...

Amos Keppler said...

That's great. I look forward to hear your thoughts about it, positive and negative.