Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Storyteller

I’m a Storyteller. It’s the one thing I have always been good at. There will always be storytellers around the campfire, and I will always be there, to tell my stories, and shake up and stir the gathering.

This was one of the earliest things I noticed about myself, my skill of weaving stories. The current world, society, school, civilization did its best to destroy that fire, like it does all things. But it failed. Even though my ability, my need to create sort of hibernated during early school years of forced learning, it never went away. And it never will.

I know that, now, and I rejoice, because this, among other things, above all else is what I do, what I want to do. I won’t call it a gift, because that implies that someone gave it to me, and no one did. It’s a potential I was born with, and made to grow on my own. After the first tentative steps it flourished. I’ve written millions of words since then, played a lot of music, spoken a lot of words, told many a story.

And I always will.

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